Parenting with PANS

Parenting a child with PANS can feel lonely and overwhelming.  

I understand.  I also have a child with PANS

Thank goodness that after lots of hard work, our family is mostly "out of the woods" with this illness.

Since I felt so alone and overwhelmed on this journey, I made it my mission to provide a guide for PANS parents; a guide that I wished had been available to me during those lonely, overwhelming times.  I created this guide based on my own journey as a PANS parent as well as 20 years of experience as a child and adolescent therapist, and 8 years working in the medical research world.

My hope is to provide you with reassurance, information and healing for your family.

Work With Me

You are not alone.

I can provide you with easy-to-use tools to help your PANS child

The resources I have created to help you parent your PANS child are simple and easy to use.  They are designed to help you regain peace and stability in your relationship with your PANS child and your family.

No-judgement zone

With my Parenting with PANS course and other resources, I provide realistic, non-judgmental guidance.  I want families to feel free to share their difficulties without concern of being judged so that they can move from the pain and despair of PANS to feeling hopeful about their child’s future again.

Are you struggling to find the best therapy option for your PANS child?

Diagnosis, evaluations, therapy options, and the search for the right therapist are all on your mind as a PANS parent. It's an immense amount of information to gather and make sense of. I've put information on all of these topics into one eBook for you. Click below to learn more


Kids with PANDAS/PANS/Lyme need a different kind of parenting.....

Hi, I'm Julie. I am dedicated to giving you resources that will help you navigate the sometimes confusing and complicated journey or being a PANS parent.  Click here to learn more about me and my background.

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It's not easy parenting a PANS child during COVID-19. 

I've created 5 tips to help you and your PANDAS/PANS child get back to basics during this time.

Coming Soon!

I am working hard on building a course specifically for parents of children with PANDAS/PANS. Let me know if you are interested by joining the wait list below.


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