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One of the Hardest Things I Learned as a PANS Parent

parenting Jun 13, 2022
image of woman and child with text reading

PANS parenting presents us with so many challenges.

One of the hardest things for me as a PANS parent was accepting that I can’t control the timing and outcome of my daughter’s recovery.

Sometimes, not having that control was so painful that I had to breathe through the pain, one second at a time, trusting that the pain would ease up as I worked through the grieving process.  

There were three things that helped me with this issue:

  1. Putting my focus on what I did have control over—how I parented her.

  2. Using that pain as energy towards learning how I could parent her in a way that met her specific needs as a PANS child (now teen).
  3. Having compassion for myself as I worked (still working on it!) through the grief and challenges of parenting a child with PANS.

See if there are some ways that you can channel the pain towards taking action, such as learning new ways to parent your PANS child or teen.  

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