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What is DBT and How Can it Help PANS parents?

Apr 04, 2022
dialectical behavior therapy

DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) is an evidence-based therapy approach that provides tools to improve emotional regulation. DBT skills have been very helpful for the PANS families in my therapy practice. 

And, I use these DBT skills to help me regulate myself as a PANS Parent.

The diagram below is from the Mindfulness Module of DBT therapy, founded by Marsha Linehan. 

This diagram represents the "States of Mind" we may experience as a PANS parent. 

We strive to find our "Wise Mind" so that we can be as emotionally regulated as possible with our PANS child or teen. 

When we are more emotionally regulated, we are in a much better position to help calm our PANS child or teen.

How Do We Find Wise Mind as a PANS Parent?

The diagram below provides some steps to help us find "Wise Mind" as PANS Parents:

Remember to adopt a "non-judgmental stance" towards yourself as you practice "Wise Mind".  Progress, not perfection!